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on 21.11.2018

We are a full time Labrador Retriever breeding facility in Portage, WI. Breeding Labrador Crazy bird , that look like they’re supposed to,  hunt like they’re supposed to, along with that all important off switch. Ripped gunmen are no match for your ripped guns.

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Please forward this error screen to 72. Gulls are pretty boring as far as birds go. These white, annoying avians circle around boardwalks and beaches, just waiting for you to look away from your funnel cake for two seconds. But that’s all there is to know, right? Actually, there are some fascinating things about these creatures that you might not first suspect. Larger seagulls often live near the ocean and nest on rocky islets, but the mew gull not only nests inland, but in the tops of trees.

The mew gull is commonly identified by its dovelike appearance and the harsh call that gives it its name. American herring gulls were portrayed as winged stalkers of humans in Hitchcock’s film The Birds. But the plot isn’t pure fantasy after all. Local governments have installed bristled pole covers and released trained falcons to discourage the birds at airports and landfills. Postal workers have been taken off duty in an attack hotspot, and recommendations for surviving a gull attack have made it into The Guardian.

In Argentina, gulls are tearing pieces of flesh from surfacing whales, prompting great alarm from conservationists. As far as gulls go, the California gull is quite smart. Unlike many gulls, this species favors inland environments for nesting, and often migrates through farmland. In these environments, insects are their preferred diet of choice.