Dead or alive

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on 29.10.2018

Jump to navigation Jump to search «Dead or alive Alive» redirects here. For the X-Files episode, see Deadalive. For the Misfits album, see Dead Alive! For other films titled Brain Dead, see Brain Dead.

The film follows Lionel, a village dweeb living with his mother Vera in a Victorian mansion, who constantly gets into trouble for his relationship with a Spanish shopkeeper’s daughter, Paquita. When a rabid rat-monkey bites Vera, she gradually converts the residents of Newtown into a zombie horde. Since its release, Braindead has received acclaim from critics, with many filmmakers and critics calling it «The Goriest Fright Film of All Time». Sumatran Rat-Monkey, a hybrid creature that resulted from the rape of tree monkeys by plague-carrying rats, out of Skull Island. When he was a child, Lionel’s father drowned trying to save him at the beach, and the incident has haunted him into adulthood.