Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Posted by admin
on 16.12.2018

A form of address unique to Liverpool. To attack, either easy peasy lemon squeezy or physically. A corruption of the words elastic band.

I’m going to the clinic this afternoon, my lad’s not been right after that shag with your sister. A female equivalent of a male who might be considered ‘laddish’. Such characteristics might be confident, brashness, loudness, sexism, enjoyment of drinking etc. Of or like the characteristics of a young man or lad, often loud, macho, arrogant and sexist. She was well ladged after realising her skirt was tucked in her knickers. A male to female part transexual. The female pubic area, the vagina and pubic hair.

The female equivalent of ‘Lord Muck’. Young men who over-indulge in alcohol and consequently become loutish. Drunk, intoxicated through the use of lager. A young person whose anti-social behaviour is primarily instigated by the excessive drinking of alcohol. Are your two brothers laiking out this afternoon, because I’ve got a new football for my birthday? The hypothetical place where one is out of touch with reality, often after the excesses of alcohol or drugs. I can’t believe she lamped him.