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Iterating over a sequence does not implicitly make a copy. Loop over a slice copy of the entire list. 10 values, the legal indices for items of a sequence of length 10. It is an object which returns the successive items of the desired sequence when you iterate over it, but it doesn’t really make the list, thus saving space. We say such an object is iterable, that is, suitable as a target for functions and constructs that expect something from which they can obtain successive items until the supply is exhausted.

Later we will see more functions that return iterables and take iterables as argument. Yes, this is the correct code. It can be used when a statement is required syntactically but the program requires no action. Print a Fibonacci series up to n. It must be followed by the function name and the parenthesized list of formal parameters.

The statements that form the body of the function start at the next line, and must be indented. The execution of a function introduces a new symbol table used for the local variables of the function. When a function calls another function, a new local symbol table is created for that call. A function definition introduces the function name in the current symbol table. The value of the function name has a type that is recognized by the interpreter as a user-defined function. This value can be assigned to another name which can then also be used as a function.

Return a list containing the Fibonacci series up to n. Methods of different types may have the same name without causing ambiguity. It is also possible to define functions with a variable number of arguments. There are three forms, which can be combined.

The most useful form is to specify a default value for one or more arguments. This creates a function that can be called with fewer arguments than it is defined to allow. This tests whether or not a sequence contains a certain value. Important warning: The default value is evaluated only once. This makes a difference when the default is a mutable object such as a list, dictionary, or instances of most classes.

In a function call, keyword arguments must follow positional arguments. No argument may receive a value more than once. It’s really very, VERY runny, sir. Do you have any Limburger ? I’m sorry, we’re all out of Limburger It’s very runny, sir.

Note that the order in which the keyword arguments are printed is guaranteed to match the order in which they were provided in the function call. Finally, the least frequently used option is to specify that a function can be called with an arbitrary number of arguments. Before the variable number of arguments, zero or more normal arguments may occur. The reverse situation occurs when the arguments are already in a list or tuple but need to be unpacked for a function call requiring separate positional arguments. This parrot wouldn’t VOOM if you put four million volts through it. Lambda functions can be used wherever function objects are required.

They are syntactically restricted to a single expression. Semantically, they are just syntactic sugar for a normal function definition. The above example uses a lambda expression to return a function. Here are some conventions about the content and formatting of documentation strings.