Mike tyson knockouts

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on 31.12.2018

Tout au long de votre navigation sur notre site vous allez découvrir nos différentes vidéos du monde de la boxe réparties dans plusieurs catégories. Que vous soyez passionné par la boxe ou simplement curieux à propos de ce sport ce site vous fera découvrir tout sur ce merveilleux sport qu’est la mike tyson knockouts. N’hésitez pas à nous soumettre vos vidéos via le bouton PARTICIPER. Nous serons ravis de les ajouter à notre site !

Vidéos au hasard : Aikido VS. Boxing has been included in the Olympic Games program since 1904. For centuries people used their fists to resolve disputes before someone thought of organizing such fights as entertainment. The modern researchers insist that such duels had been known even earlier than that, in Africa, specifically in the region of modern Ethiopia. The hieroglyphic scriptures dated back to the year 4000 BC revealed the popularity of this sport throughout the Nile Plateau and all over the Egypt, after the latter had conquered Ethiopia. The enhancement of the Egyptian civilization through the Mediterranean region and the Middle East caused boxing to spread its influence. In the year 686 BC boxing became an essential part of the Olympics.

However, ancient boxing barely resembles the sport we admire today. All fights were carried out on open plots, where the spectators formed a living arena. The fight normally lasted until one of the opponents was seriously injured. Although the first boxers primarily fought for glory, the winner was also granted the gold, livestock or other trophies. To protect wrists and hands the fighters braided their fists and sometimes two thirds of their forearms with thin soft leather straps. By the 4th century BC the straps were made of harder leather and were used not just as an arm protection gadget but turned the fists into the kind of assault weapon.