Siberian gaming

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on 18.10.2018

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. Few people choose to live in the Arctic, but those who do stay close to communities and shelters that can keep them warm and safe. Siberian gaming are a few unlucky souls, though, who have found themselves stranded alone in the barren wilderness of the Arctic.

Many of them die, but some have struggled through incredible hardships—and survived. In 1757, Bruce Gordon was thrown overboard when his ship was smashed between two icebergs. He landed on a sheet of ice and watched as his crewmates disappeared into the ice floe. When he found his ship, it was floating upside down.

Polar bears were feeding on the corpses of his shipmates. Gordon sneaked aboard and lived on the upside-down ship, collecting supplies and feeding off the rations. After Gordon killed an adult bear with a carving knife, a baby bear stumbled aboard. Gordon took it in as a pet. He taught the polar bear to fish for him and to scare away other attacking bears. In time, Gordon’s ice floe drifted all the way to Greenland. There, he found a group of natives, the first people he’d seen in years.

They saw an excited, haggard man rush over to them—with his pet polar bear following behind. In 1985, Gareth Wood and his group of polar explorers were forced to make their way across a thin layer of ice. They were terrified that the ice would crack under their feet. Instead, the ice erupted and a massive leopard seal came crashing through. The animal closed its jaws around Gareth’s right leg and tried to drag him underwater. Gareth’s companions started kicking the seal in the eyeball with their spiked boots.

When Gareth finally got away, he had to hobble his way back to the hut using his ice axe as a cane. There, he got medical help—and survived. While traveling through Greenland in 1926, explorer Peter Freuchen was caught in a terrible blizzard. Unable to move through the heavy winds and blinding snow, he ducked for cover under a dogsled and waited for the storm to calm.